Theme Parks to Visit in Orlando


Disney’s Magic Kingdom

With offices in the United States, Mexico, and Ecuador, Delgado Travel Agency provides its clients with international telecommunications and money-exchange services. Beyond this, Delgado Travel Agency offers a range of package vacation deals, including trips to Orlando, Florida, a city notable for its theme parks. Here are three of the best.

1. Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Perhaps the most famous of the Orlando theme parks, Disney’s Magic Kingdom features Cinderella’s Castle, which stands at 189 feet tall, and has six areas, each with different themes. The park plays host to some world-famous rides, such as the Jungle Cruise

2. Aquatica. A huge water park that offers thrills and spills for those seeking an adrenaline rush, it also the opportunity to relax by the pool. Aquatica’s main feature is its slides, including the HooHoo Run, 250 feet long and featuring three drops to emulate weightlessness.

3. Universal Studios Florida. The ideal place for movie fans, Universal Studios features attractions based on classic films, such as The Terminator and E.T., in addition to attractions based on more recent films, such as Despicable Me.


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