Ecuadorian Civic Committee Services for New York Ecuadorian Community

Ecuadorian Civic Committee pic

Ecuadorian Civic Committee

Based in Jackson Heights, New York, Delgado Travel Agency has been in business for more than 40. Delgado Travel Agency has numerous affiliates in Ecuador and Mexico, and it is committed to supporting the Ecuadorian community by maintaining membership in the Ecuadorian Civic Committee (ECC) of New York.

For more than 20 years, the ECC has served the Ecuadorian community in New York with a variety of services. The organization has developed and implemented a variety of education, health, and economic programs, such as immigrant rights seminars, computer training, English classes, and business development workshops. The ECC also actively defends economic policies that encourage Ecuadorian business development and community and political involvement.

Further, the ECC offers programs designed specifically to meet the needs of elderly individuals. It also is dedicated to promoting Ecuadorian cultural events, including sports exhibitions, the Queen of the ECC Pageant, Ecuadorian Heritage Month, the Ecuadorian parade, and the Artistic and Folkloric Ecuadorian Festival in Queens County.


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